The Colours of Anger and Sadness

As you walk through the path of life, your foots embark in the lingering process of marking their existence, by creating a replica of themselves. Each step leaves a stamp behind it saying: “I existed”. It’s almost like each step pleas the world to remember it.

As you move on, moments are born. Together, they make a fine mix called “life experiences”. Moments soon become memories, reflecting the ephemeral nature of everything we live.

You sprinkle those memories on the floor, hoping they would stick to your footprints and stay there, forever, immortalised.

As you move on, you realise that nothing lasts. In fact, the hardest part is when you know it’s over. And that memories, are the only thing left behind.

A wave of anger hits you, like a horizon set on fire by the sun. The vibrant and multi-coloured flames strike your face and knock you down. You jump, lie down, jump again, lie down… as your skin reduces to ashes. You are burning, screaming, crying…

Anger subsides.

What’s next? Another wave hits you, only that this time, it’s quiet and peaceful like an evening dewdrop. You’re calm and feeble. You’re submissive to your surrounding: the air, the wind, the water… everything!

…Sadness rises!

The horizon, originally floating anxiously on the cold water of the ocean, starts sinking. You sit down on the shores, and contemplate the layers of colours as they become thinner and thinner. You observe sorrowfully this protective thickness fading away.

When the horizon starts sinking, those layers become paler and paler, as the colourful flames blend with water. You grieve for the loss of colours.

As the horizon descends, memories rise and dreams flash.


All unfulfilled desires crush you like a strong wave. They cross the layers of the horizon, causing cracks in the fabric of all colours, destroying them, with no mercy. You ask yourself a series of “what if”? “What if we did this”? “What if this happened”? And you keep asking…

Mourning starts.

At this stage, you are drowning, slowly, like a drenched leaf. A leaf that has fallen by accident from the tree. A leaf sold to the air, for free.

Tell yourself: It’s ok! Let the horizon enter this long awaited dormant stage. Let it penetrate the depth of the ocean, passionately, without hesitation. Let it make love to the moon, secretly, before it becomes full. Let the night be their only witness. Let the colours merge as they make their way to the ocean. Let them get lost in the illusory world of fusion, where two, three, four… become one.

When all this happens,  surrender to the heavy load of sadness.

It’s only then, it’s only when the horizon disappears, that you know you’re over it. Sadness is divine! Look, it’s clear now. You are beyond the horizon. Move… move… ! Look, it’s clear. Can’t you see?




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