Hooked to a Heartbeat

Our hearts: 100,000 heartbeats in a day! Their sound is familiar, but their shape remains a mystery. Have you ever wondered how does a heartbeat look like? Let us imagine…

A golden ring! Every heartbeat is a golden ring, unleashed every second, like a fresh desire. At night, it’s fuelled by dreams. During the day, it’s pulled by sunrays. And it flies…

Imagine our hearts are caves, where all rings are meticulously preserved… like a treasure.

Day and night, rings are unleashed. This is how we live. One heartbeat after the other, one ring after the other, all attracted by dreams and sunrays.

Are they all the same? Are all rings circular? Are all rings made of gold? Maybe not. If the sound of our heartbeats is the same, the shape might be different. This might explain why this very particular heartbeat of her felt so different. Some might be sharp, fluffy, or fluid. Others might be oval, square, or have no shape at all. She just knew, that this time when she saw you, it felt so different.


The sound of your look, crossed her eyes, her throat, down to her lungs and drifted, all the way to the heart. You leaned on the fragile walls of her heart. You knocked, she opened, and the ring was unleashed, rising above those walls, so fast like the speed of light. Unleashed… until it’s hooked… to you!

What made you get hooked to her heartbeat? The first one, then the second, then another one, until you were hooked to all her heart? Why you?

Maybe you shared a dream that never came true. It might be a dream that stayed a dream, a raw, magical dream, and now it has hopes again.

Maybe you had the same wish, when you rubbed that lamp. It might be the genie who realised that wish and made you meet.

Maybe you hid the same secret. Two secrets walking like a butterfly in a shell amongst the crowd. No one recognised them; they’re secrets! But they recognised each other… and bonded.

Maybe you shared the same past. You might have contemplated the same stars when you were kids.

Maybe in the ancient life, your soul was entrapped in her body, and her soul in yours. Your souls were lost for ages. And now, today, they found themselves.

Maybe! Who knows?

You stole a beat from her heart. She forgave you. And instead of getting it back, she offered you many more in return. I was told she is not generous, but her heartbeats were simply so overwhelming. She had to give up on them.

And while this keeps her hooked to the unknown, you remain… hooked to her heartbeat. You will remain hooked… until it’s stops beating.


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