Magic is real

We live in a magic library, where all of us are walking stories…

A fiction, I would say! But a real one! Although fiction and reality oppose one another, one could hardly pretend that s/he had never lived a fiction in real life! You must have lived a story, or been witness to one, where the line between magic and reality has become nothing but blurred, if ever existent. With every page we turn each day, waves of events just hit us, shake us, and smash us. They leave us puzzled, desperately wondering what has happened, digging deeper to make sense of reality. We try to understand and the harder we try, the higher the perplexity. Answers wither, while questions blossom. Questions blossom as if it’s spring every day!

“A new baby was born”, “she got married”, “they divorced”, “I found a job”, “he died in a car accident”… These are events we live, witness, endure, or cherish…! And while they all seem “natural”, falling within the range of normalcy, there might be a possibility, even if a tiny one… for all of them to be driven by magic!

Our attempts to understand things that sometimes cannot be understood, or explained, could be the result of some sort of a conspiracy by multiple life elements, all of which aggregate to make things happen, despite our futile trials to deter their occurrence. Is it luck? Is it fate? Is it a coincidence? These are probably the “friendliest enemies” we have at all time.

What if luck , fate and coincidence, have all met by chance in the street and jointly had a long serious conversation. Just free your imagination and picture all three of them, sitting on a sidewalk sipping some red wine, bleeding like an afternoon sun:

Luck: “I’ve been thinking about it for some time recently, and I found out that unpredictability is the ultimate power! You know, my friends, Life is dominated by randomness. Sometimes it just tastes sweet, and then you’re lucky; while sometimes it tastes bitter and you’re unlucky”.

Fate: “well comrade, whether one is lucky or unlucky, this is not really my thing. I believe in final destinations! Life is controlled by endings. No matter what happens along the way, one will unavoidably reach an end. I decide and plan how and when endings should come. The power lies in the end result”.

Coincidence: “I hear you two but I am not sure your analysis convinces me or not. For me, I believe in the power of time. Time, my friends, can act as a wild predator. It waits, and lingers silently behind the bushes, until it feels ready to catch the pray. The result would seemingly look like two incidents hitting each other at the exact same time. Eventually, they either amalgamate… or crash.”

“How did I fall in love?”, “Why him?”, “you read my mind”, “I was going to say it”, “me too”, “I never thought I will see you here”… We all said it, and lived it, at some point…

…and you keep thinking… Is it luck? Is it fate? Or is it a mere coincidence? Even if it doesn’t really matter, our nature is curious in nature. It thrives with questions and hardly stops looking for answers. When answers fail to show up, night after night, our nature becomes agitated and risks suffocation.

However, one could just wonder if there is a missing element in the equation. Does it have to be either one of these three?

Luck, fate, and coincidence continued their immersion into this mysterious yet meaningful multilayered discussion, until suddenly a gentle wind blew. All motions froze and words went silent. Unplanned beginnings, predictability, and imprecision, joined the battle, audaciously contesting planned endings, unpredictability and accuracy. After a while, it became chaotic, loud, messy… Nothing made sense anymore. No one could argue any longer.  Words faded away… and disappeared in the haze of reality. All were separated, perhaps dead, perhaps alive… no one knows. It remained a mystery… and it still is.

When reason is challenged by the unreasonable, when wisdom is overruled by ignorance, when the linear is no longer linear… and deviates, when sanity is defeated by insanity, when logic disappears and gives birth to strange interpretations… you wonder again, “what happened?” . And you wonder again… until you fall in love with that mystery. And it is only then, only when you fall in love with that mystery, that reality becomes fiction, and magic becomes real.

To be continued…


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