The Sparkle


My mother once told me, “you know you’ve grown up, when you fancy getting jewellery as a gift”. It took me a long while to understand her statement, especially that for me, jewellery systematically fell under a reality entirely different than mine.

Snobbism, power, wealth, luxury, are some of the attributes I thought they crystallize in the sparkling pearls of a necklace. Strolling flawlessly around the neck, each pearl discloses a chapter of a woman’s life, smoothly but not discretely unveiling her burning desire to be noticed and her flaming wish to be flattered! A pearl might be all she needs to prove her existence to the World.

I was dazzled by my mother’s statement, especially that her reality lies on the opposite pole of sparkling pearls. Yet, I decided to believe my mother, for she must have seen a sparkle outside the realm of materialism, a sparkle that I have not managed to witness… yet.

As the years have passed by, I’ve begun to dream of flying circles. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings have all married and performed their first dance in the vast space of my imagination. They were flying freely, enrobed by the stunning sparkle of my fantasies. Dream after dream, I realized that my mother’s prophecy is becoming a reality. As I remained the same, unaffected by the falsifying nature of materialism, I could not instantly comprehend the reasons of my sudden desire for flying circles… for jewellery. The interpretation of my mother’s statement implies that I’ve grown up.

How did I get to develop a bond with jewellery? It’s a question that remained unanswered for some time, until I analyzed the concurrent factors occurring in my life at that time. Oddly enough, it all made sense at the end.

Growing up is an inevitable, unstoppable phenomenon with a high transformational capacity. It has an ultimate power to transform the past into memories, principles into values, and youth into maturity. Growing up, embeds “change” in every aspect of its transformational process. Change! I looked at the World around me, and saw it changing every day. I forcefully accepted… that change is a constant. I understood… that novelty is a symptom of change, an indication that old realities are transformed into a new realities. I mourned… as I lost the “old” and welcomed the “new”. I grieved… every time I lost the normal and settled to the new normal. Change… has changed me!

While adapting to my new discovery of change, I dreamt of sparkling pearls. My mother once told me, “you know you’ve grown up, when you fancy getting jewellery as a gift”. It took me a long while to understand her statement. Today, I understand… that jewellery preserve their value when time goes by. With all changes inescapably happening around me, it’s that sparkle that I want to keep unchanged… not only today… but also forever.


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